BAKU BK-686 Adjustable Mobile Phone PCB Circuit Board Holder for Soldering


Stainless Steel PCB holder, practical and durable.
Ideal tool for clamping Mobile Phone PCB, for soldering / desoldering or rework.
Can accommodate a variety of mobile phone PCB Circuit board size of 60mm width up to 4mm thick
Three removable card mouth of the circuit board to choose the best position.
Can be adjusted up and down movement of the mouth get the best of the width and strength.

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Product description
Instructions: 1. use three mobile card mouth to select the best card circuit board. 2. adjust up and down to move the mouth of the card to get the best width and intensity. 3. can use self tapping screws fixed on the worktable. 4. assembly line board, should first put the side of the circuit board into the card mouth with the spring, push back and then put the other side of the circuit board into the movable clamping block, a fixed screw, then you can work.

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