(SC-40A) UNI-PEX Sono Column Speaker

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The multi-cone speaker has a unique appearance that matches any type of architecture and has excellent sound quality.It has a uniform sound field over a wide area and weather resistance close to that of a horn speaker, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for acoustic equipment in grand halls, public halls, conference halls, etc.

Rated input 20W ■Rated impedance Type 500Ω 670Ω 1kΩ 1.3kΩ (high impedance 100 series) 8Ω 20W 15W 10W 7.5W L class L class L class L class (500Ω20W connection at the time of shipment, internal soldered connection can be changed) ■ Sound power level p = 98 dB ( 1 W ) ■ Directional characteristic classificationExterior Case (Aluminum extrusion anodized material) Silver Front (Steel plate punching metal) Color similar to Munsell N1 Black Upper and lower lids (aluminum die-casting) Color similar to Munsell N5.5 Light gray ■ Dimensions Width 200 mm Height 800 mm Depth 121 mm ■ Mass Approx. 7 kg ■ Applicable Standards Certified by the Japan Fire Protection Certification Association Model number: Approval No. 14 to 112 ■ Accessories Instruction manual 1. Mounting hardware set, M5 x 12 sems screws 2, M8 x 18 sems bolts 2

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